Credit card merchant account with POS system at interchange plus pricing.

Credit Card Merchant Account Application

Merchant Account Plans

Redwood Internet is a registered agent of Priority Processing Systems and Merchant Services Central. We have structured low-priced Interchange-based merchant accounts with advanced features and an easy online signup process. When signing up for a merchant account through Redwood, you get:

- Low interchange-based rates

- Easy & secure online paperless signup

- Fast setup

- Access to MX Merchant, MX iPOS, Online Billing, and more

- Priority's personalized support, with real agents available & answering the phone

- No termination fees, no monthly minimum, no risk

No Setup Fee

No Monthly Minimum

No Termination Fee

Step One - Your Info
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Nature Of Business
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 Sole Prop
 C Corp
 S Corp
Business Type
 Mail Order / Telephone Order
 Charity / Non Profit
Do you process more than 30% of your bankcard transactions, or volume, without swiping and/or examining the credit card?
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Select all card types you wish to accept
 Visa Credit
 MC Credit
 Visa Non-PIN Debit
 MC Non-PIN Debit
 American Express
 PIN Debit
Enable MX Merchant?
MX Merchant includes features that enable Mobile POS payment processing, online billing, recurring invoices, click-to-pay, advanced payment options and the MX Merchant mobile POS payment & processing app for iPhone or iPad.

Click the checkbox below to add MX Merchant.

 Add MX Merchant ($5 / Month)
High Volume Merchant?

If you process more than $10,000 / Month, we'll waive the PCI and statement fees. Do not apply for this program if you do not meet the requirement. If you apply for this program but do not process the required $10,000 / Month, a $20 monthly statement fee will be applied to the account.

 Waive Statement & PCI fee (High Volume).
Equipment / Hardware
 Shuttle Card Reader & Swiper for iPhone 5 $49
 iMac Pro Card Reader & Swiper for iPhone 4 / iPad $80
 USB Card Reader for any computer $99

Once approved, we will follow up with you to arrange shipment of terminals and / or card swipers if needed.

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You must provide information for at at least 50% of business ownership.
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